Local Plumbing Services vs. National Plumbing Company: Which One to Hire?

Published on 25 June 2014

When it comes to plumbing services needs, there is no shortage of available plumbing services to choose from. In fact, there’s abundant of number plumbing services available in Bunbury area which sometimes cause problem which one to hire. The debate of whom to hire, most of time, comes down between the local plumbing services versus the national franchise plumbing company. For some reason, other than the influence of Mario and Luigi of Super Mario Bros, I prefer to use the services of a local over national companies. Here are my reasons why:

  1. Local plumbers have reputation to maintain.

For local tradesmen, like a local plumber in Bunbury, reputation is their main form of advertisement. In a local community word of the mouth is the most trusted form of endorsement, which is why local plumber maintains their reputation by giving quality and reliable service. A reputable local plumbing services, would hesitate to run a ‘scam’ among its local customer.  A local plumber in your area has more at stake every time they have an unsatisfied customer. On other hand, if the national company loses a customer it isn’t as big of a deal.

  1. Local plumber is more flexible in pricing

A plumbing service that runs by national franchises has a national pricing guide. Most of time, these prices are fixed and less likely to be flexible. For instance, when you call a national plumbing company to fix your clogged toilet, the pricing guide would presume a worst-case scenario without taking into consideration that it might just take a few plunging to remove the obstruction. The plumber who work on your issue may decide to lower the price, but national office may not be flexible on prices.

On other hand, a local plumber can easily reduce (or increase) the price of his services depending on the gravity of the tasks performed. For example, if the problem turnout to be solved by a few quick plunging, a reputable local plumber may reduce the price than what is originally on his price book.

  1. You’re helping your local community

Local business, like your local Bunbury plumbing services thrives on locals who patronize their products or services. It is you and them who make your local economy prosper. In choosing a local plumber to do your plumbing jobs, you are not only helping the plumber your hire but also your community. The local plumbers and other local businesses are invested in their community just like you. Hiring local plumber is one of showing your support to your community.