Embarrassing Questions an Estate Lawyer Might Ask You

Published on 25 June 2014

Estate planning is one the legal affair that most people would love skip. Going to an estate lawyer and discuss your death is not a fun task, for some it would be like going to a dentist for a root canal procedure. Nobody wants look forward on their impending doom. Most people I know did not think estate planning is necessary, until they find themselves in a tangled mess of legalities that goes with will, trusts and other legal matter of an estate.

When you decide to hire an Lawyers canning vale to handle the legal of your estate you have to prepare yourself for some uncomfortable questions that your lawyer may ask you. Some of these questions maybe embarrassing but it is important so that lawyer can implement your wishes and trust properly. Here are some of the embarrassing and uncomfortable questions an estate lawyer

  1. Do you have other family aside from your legal one?

Don’t get angry if your estate lawyer asks you this question because there are many cases in past that there are more one family who claims that they are the legal heir of the deceased. If you have family other than your legal family, it is imperative to tell your lawyer honestly so that you, with the help of the lawyer, can device a win-win provision for both parties.

  1. Have you told me about all the important relationships in your life?

Several years back, there was a particular case that goes viral. A man was in an intimate relationship with another man for 29 years unbeknownst to his wife and children. When he died, the man he was intimately involved with and his legal family fought a six-year court battle over property in Perth.

Regardless you are of your civil status, a competent estate lawyer will ask you if you have been or currently involve in an important relationship. That important relationship could be civil union, domestic partnership or even a same-sex marriage. The estate lawyer will let you know if you have legal obligations to these relationships. Your estate lawyer cannot tell you what exactly your rights and obligation until you disclose everything to your lawyer.

  1. Do you have a genetic specimen preserved?

Estate Lawyer canning vale will probably ask you if you have sperm cells, egg cells or fertilized embryos that are preserved for later use somewhere. If you have, it is important to consider whether you want to provide for beneficiaries conceived after your death.

  1. Are you transgender?

You have to be honest to your lawyer if you a transgender or have undergone a sex-change because there are legal implications that needed to be considered.  It is very important to make sure that all your legal documents reflect the same sex identification and reflect how you now present yourself.