Custom-Built Granny Flats for Elderly with Special Needs

Published on 25 June 2014

Our elderly loved ones have different need from ours. As they grow older, their body become weaker. Their bones are becoming more fragile and brittle. Their eyesight is not as clear as they used to be and their coordination is not that accurate than they used to be.  In this instance, our elderly loved ones need special care. If you are planning to build a granny flat for your aging relative that has special needs, it is important to have it customized to address these needs. A custom-design granny flat is great for elderly who need special care to make them more comfortable and safe.

Ramp It Up

Mobility is one of the problems of our elderly loved ones. Some of them need a wheelchair to move around, others cannot tackle the stairs very well. In that reasons, it is a good idea to add a low-rise ramp at the entrance to provide easy access for wheelchair or wheelie walker and to those who have difficulty in climbing stairs.

There are codes and regulations to follow when building a ramp. That is why it is important to hire a granny flat contractor that is knowledgeable in building codes and regulations. If you are to build granny flats in Perth, choose a qualified builder that is adept in Perth building codes and regulations to guarantee that the granny flat meets the required specification.

Put the Rails On

Putting on rails will greatly help the elderly to move around more comfortably. Adding handrails in the hallways and access ramps are very advantageous for people who need support while walking. Putting on grab rails in the bedroom, toilet and bathroom are also great in maintaining their independence as long as possible.

Add on Visual Clues

As we get older, our vision becomes weaker. If the dweller of the granny flat has vision impairment it would be helpful to add a tactile surface indicator to indicate that they are near the ramp, doorway, driveway, etc. Using bolder and stronger contrasting color to emphasize the change in the room is also a great idea. Like using a contrasting color for stove and countertop or putting in a bolder color for switches against the softer color of walls.

Lights and Vibes

Similar to our vision our hearing tends to become weaker as we grow older. If your elderly parents have the hearing impairment, you need to customise the granny flat to add lights and vibes. Adding lights and vibrations will help our elderly loved one with low hearing to continue living independently. In most states, installing smoke alarms with flashing strobe lights is a requirement in building granny homes.

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