5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Licensed Electrician

Published on 25 June 2014

They are the people we call when our circuit breakers are busted or we need to rewire the entire building. They are actually the people who are responsible why our home and streets are lighted and our appliances working. When look are the dictionary, it defines electrician as the person who maintain, repair and install electrical system. Electricians provide wide range of services, from simple home electrical system repair and installation to extremely dangerous and complicated projects in electric plants.

Would you leave the tinkering of the electrical system of your home to the hand of just anybody? Of course we should not, because we should make safety as our paramount concern when it comes to electricity. We understand that in today’s economy economizing is in the main menu of every household. So, what we tend to do is to do it by ourselves or to hire cheap and unlicensed electrician. Is hiring cheap electricians a wise move?

Don’t risk the safety of your family and hard-earned investments by hiring amateur, unlicensed electrician. Give yourself a peace of mind, hire expert and licensed Rockingham electrician. These are the following factors that you should consider in hiring an electrician.

  1. Must be licensed. A license that electrician possessed is a proof that he/she completed the required courses along with the required hands-on training. It is a proof that the electrician you’re about to hire is skilled on his field of expertise. Their training also ensures that they are knowledgeable about local laws and building-code requirements in your locality. See to it that the license they possess is up-to-date and not expired.
  2. Are properly insured. Make sure that the electrical contractors in Rockingham that you are about to hire is properly insured. Electrical contractors/electricians must have proper bonding and insurance which includes general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. Uninsured electrician can create risk to you. Because you might be liable if they become injured while they are working in your property, or they inflict damage on your property, or due to unprofessionalism, couldn’t complete the task, or their work is faulty. Many of insurance claims were denied because the job was performed by unlicensed electrician.

I have to emphasize that a contractor with no insurance as the as the hiring a non-licensed electrical contractor. So, when hiring a contractor that would take care of your electrical needs make sure that it is properly insured, because it is your protection whenever injuries or damages occur.

  1. Offers warranty. A warranty signifies that a product or a service is of top quality. When a contractor offers you a warranty, it means he is assuring you that his work is reliable. By offering warranty, he is also offering his reputation as electrician. Plus, you will get what you really paid for.
  2. Expert on their field of specialization. Electricians have a wide variety of specialization. Generally, all electricians have knowledge in dealing with electricity however you should hire an electrician who is a fit for your project. If you’re project involved rewiring of your home, then you should look for a licensed residential electrician.
  3. Ask if the price is right. Although price is the last thing that you should consider when hiring an electrician but it is prudent to ask for quotation. Ask them for a price break down so you can compare the prices. Beware of shady electrician who keeps changing the costs of the estimates.  Get at least three estimates from different contractors before closing the contract.

Do your homework first before hiring any electrician or electrical contractor. Make sure that you have checked the references and read reviews about them.