Easy DIY Air Conditioning Care

Published on 25 June 2014

Repair and highly technical maintenance of air conditioner should be handled by professional air conditioning repairs in Perth because this needs technical skills and knowledge that we probably don’t have. However, there are simple do-it-yourself cares that we can do to our air conditioner to ensure that it is working properly and will live longer.

So, here are easy DIY air conditioning cares to keep your air conditioning unit working smoothly and longer.

  1. Regular filter check-up. You don’t need the expertise of a professional air conditioning repairs in Perth to check the filters of your AC. Perform a regular monthly check-up on the filters. Clean AC filter is vital in the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit. By doing a regular monthly check-up you can make sure that the AC filter is free front the dirt and dust build-up. Replace the AC filter if necessary.
  2. Clean the outside unit regularly. If you have a split type air conditioning in Perth, some of its part is located outside your home. The debris and dirt may build up in the outside unit and may obstruct the efficiency of the condenser. You can help to ensure that the outside unit is working efficiently by getting rid of the overgrowth, fallen leaves and other debris surrounding the outside unit. You spray the outside unit with a garden hose to get rid of the build up dirt and dust. For your safety, turn off the power before doing the cleaning.
  3. Insulate and seal the ducts. Conduct a regular check-up on the air ducts because the poor duct insulation and leakage can cause your AC unit perform poorly. Based on the study conducted by EnergyStar, about 20% of cool air that are produce by the air conditioner are being wasted due to leakage and poor duct insulation. Sealing and insulating of ducts and windows can help in preserving cool air produced by AC system. There are sealing and insulation products that can be bought in any hardware store which you can use and do a DIY sealing and insulation.
  4. Make sure that the thermostat is in good working condition. Setting the thermostat at the right temperature can help your AC performs efficiently. An air conditioner that performs efficiently is expected to live longer.
  5. Have an annual regular check-up with professional. Doing DIY check-up is a great way of making sure that your AC unit is working efficiently. However, it is important to have your AC unit checked by a professional AC technician. A trustworthy air conditioning repair technician can check and maintain the parts of your AC which are not familiar to you and may require the skill and knowledge of a professional.

Basic air conditioner care that you can do on your own can significantly improve the performance and extend the life of your AC unit. In the long run it can help you save money from repair and replacement.