Benefits of Having New Air Filters for Your Air Conditioner

Published on 25 June 2014

When the summer heat is in full swing and you close your home and crank up your air conditioner, you may find yourself and your family having minor allergies, respiratory discomfort, and sore throat. Or maybe your energy bills spikes up when your turn your AC on. You may want to check the status of your air conditioning air filters it is probably dirty and needs replacement. The air filter is one of the most important components of the air conditioner.  The core purpose of the air filter in your air conditioner is to keep the other components of the system like the evaporator coil and blower clean. Another important function of air conditioner air filter is to keep the air that blows from the air conditioner clean.

Sometimes, the air conditioner air filter may only need a thorough cleaning but most of the time it does require replacement for the new air filters. Why? Here are the benefits of having new air filters.

  1. Improved efficiency of AC system.

Changing the air filters of your air conditioning in Perth will definitely improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner. This is actually the most important reason why you should have new air filters for your air conditioner. Due to the nature of its function, air filter gets dirty faster than any other component of the air conditioner. It traps dust, pet hair, grimes and other debris that may build up over time and it causes to prevent the air from flowing freely. This means, you AC will have to work harder than normal to supply cool in the room. Replacing your dirty filter with a new one can help in lowering your energy bills.

  1. Helps improve the quality of indoor air.

If your household is constantly experiencing allergies and sore throat, the culprit might be your dirty air filters. By having new air filters, you can make sure that the air that flows from your AC to the home is clean and free from possible allergens.

  1. Longer life for your AC.

A well-maintained air condition system will definitely have a longer life than those who are not. A dirty air filter will cause the motor of your air conditioning unit to work harder, which could cause the system to overheat and give out. This could lead to costly repair since air conditioning repairs in Perth does not come cheap or it may also lead to untimely “death” to your AC.

For the better performance of your air conditioning system, get a new air filter at least once every three months.