Steps in Laying Flowerbed Limestone Retaining Wall

Published on 25 June 2014

Limestone is one of the most viable materials in building a retaining wall. It is not just functional but also aesthetically beautiful that could be a great addition to the outdoor landscape of your home. Having a limestone wall is a great way to create an awesome garden design in Perth. It could function as both a retaining wall to prevent the erosion of soil and garden.

Here are the basic steps in laying limestone retaining wall in Perth that can help you in building your own limestone wall project.

Step 1: Level the Soil

Before installing the limestone blocks it is important to level the soil first. Using a shovel dig a trench around the area of your desired shape. Shovel out all lumps. Use a spirit level to make sure that the soil is well-levelled.

Step 2: Laying the First Layer

Laying the first layer of limestone block is very important since it would serve as the foundation of the retaining wall. Lay the slab or blocks’ ends against one next one but do not use cement or mortar to hold each slab together. The first layer must be below the ground level. You may use the power saw to cut the slabs smaller to fit the corner.

Step 3: Building More Layer

Add more layer of limestone slab from the first layer by placing each slabs in a brick-layering pattern. Keep adding on more layers until the wall is at least 1.5 feet high.

Step 4: Add Plastic Sheet

After building a limestone wall, place a plastic sheet on the top of the soil that would serve as the flowerbed, and then cover it with garden soil. The plastic sheet should at least cover half of the wall. It is important to add the plastic sheet so that the soil and water will not run through the cracks between the slabs.

Step 5: Level out the Flowerbed

The top of the plastic sheet must be covered by a levelled garden soil. Make sure the bottom of the flowerbed is levelled well. By doing this, you can prevent the leakage of excess water down straight to the root of the flowers.

Step 6: Plant the Flowers

After filling the flowerbed with soil, you start planning flower of your choice. Now, you have flowerbed limestone retaining wall. Have fun planting in your flowerbed limestone wall.