Adding Christmas Holiday Feel To Your Outdoor Landscape

Published on 25 June 2014

Christmas is the best time to showcase the beauty of your outdoor landscape. It is the best time to make things shine and sparkle without being accused of overdoing it. Adding a Christmas holiday feel to your landscape design in Perth can be joyous experience as well. To have that delightful Christmas holiday atmosphere, there are several simple things you can do with your outdoor landscape to make your home cozy and special this wonderful time of year.

  1. Highlight the natural beauty of your yard

Christmas Lights! Putting an illumination in a single tree on your outdoor landscape can create an elegant statement. While putting lights on several trees in your landscape can create a wonderfully festive feel. Creating a pathway of lights leading to your front door is also a wonderful idea.  Just make sure that in putting on the lights on trees and shrubs, be careful so as not damage the branches.

  1. Give the benches some workout

Benches on your garden design Perth do not have much use during winter. However, you can put it to good use by adding an arrangement of holiday decorations such as Christmas ornaments, greenery, and pinecones.  Your garden benches can also serve as a stage for winter displays.

  1. Make use of the summer plant pots

Of course, you have already removed your summer plants from outdoors when Christmas time comes. If your pots for summer plants are waterproof, you can use those to serve as vases or container for a well-designed evergreen cuttings, branches, boughs, and berries. Tied with a ribbon, these summer plant pots can make your yard looks festive and bountiful.

  1. Create a festive holiday first impression

Create a festive holiday feel on your guest upon their entry into your home. Give your mailbox and gate some holiday swag by adding some ribbons, pines, and evergreens.

  1. Natural beauty is always the best

Use natural decors to accentuate your outdoor landscape.  Natural adornments such as boughs, berries, holly, or small ornaments add a variety of color that enhances the holiday appeal of landscape design in Perth. Adding bright red or gold velvet bow on a fir wreath is a great addition to give a traditional and classic holiday look. Adding garlands on your front porch could add a traditional holiday look.