5 Reasons Why Decorative Concrete Floor is Best For Your Home

Published on 25 June 2014

There are many available options to choose from when you want to beautify the floor of your dream house. You may opt to use vinyl, hardwood flooring, linoleum, or carpet. However, these options may not be as good as having a decorative concrete floor. For one, hard floor are vulnerable to water damage and vinyl is not a good material if your aim is to have tough floor that lasts.

If you are decorating a new home or remodelling an old one, decorative concrete floor is the best option. Old homes that already have concrete subfloor is the most ideal to be installed with decorative concrete floor because these concrete subfloor is the perfect canvas for this kind of construction. In fact, decorative concrete floor is best for both new and old homes because of these five attributes.

  1. Durability and strength

If you want your floor to be tough and resilient to wear and tear, decorative concrete flooring is the best option for you.  Being considered as tough floors, decorative concrete floors are not susceptible to scratching. Compared to vinyl, linoleum and even to hard floor, the decorative concrete floor is the toughest of them all. Aside from not being prone to scratching, the decorative concrete flooring can withstand the wear and tear due to high daily foot traffic. Due to its durability and strength, the decorative concrete flooring can stand up to the test of time. And the in long the run you can save a of a lot money from maintenance, replacement and repairs.

  1. Easy to clean, easy to maintain

Decorative concrete is easy to moisture proof the. You may choose epoxy coating or acrylic to seal your floor from moisture, and because it is moisture proof you don’t have to worry about stains, decay and other problems brought by moisture. To clean decorative concrete flooring all you have to do is simple sweeping. There is no need of special liquid and stuffs to maintain it. With just soap and water, your flooring will look as good as new.

  1. Aesthetically beautiful

One of the most impressive attribute of decorative concrete flooring is its flexibility in design.  With decorative concrete flooring you can create your own design and make your flooring aesthetically amazing. You could have stamped patterns, stained, acid etched and many other designs that could satisfy your artistic senses. Personally, what I love most about decorative concrete floor is its flexibility in terms of design customization. With it you can create your own pattern and infuse your style.

  1. Low cost

Decorative concrete flooring is affordable. If you factor in the installation expenses, future repair and maintenance, having concrete flooring is the least expensive among them all. Because it is durable, easy to maintain and resistant to damage, concrete flooring is the best choice if you are into cost cutting.

  1. Eco-friendly

Decorative concrete flooring is the most environment friendly flooring option available in the market today.  When choosing concrete flooring over hard wood flooring, you spare several trees from being cut. Vinyl, carpet and linoleum are mostly made of artificial component that is harmful to environment.

In general, when you opt to have decorative concrete floor in your home, you are choosing to beautiful and stress free life.