3 Toughest Flooring for Bathroom Floor

Published on 25 June 2014

Next to your kitchen floor, your bathroom floor is probably the most difficult to be floored. When choosing flooring for bathroom you should not only consider the design, color and other aesthetic quality of the flooring materials but you should also consider the durability, toughness and resilience of the flooring materials. You bathroom needs epoxy coating because it is exposed to water all the time. The flooring materials for bathroom floors should be durable and resilient to water because if not the water will quickly ruin your bathroom floor due to great amount of water poured onto it every day.

To give you tip on what materials to choose for your bathroom flooring here are the 3 toughest flooring best for your bathrooms.

Ceramic or Porcelain tile

Without a doubt porcelain and ceramic tile is the best option for bathroom flooring. It is aesthetically beautiful with abundant of design and colors to choose from, it is also cost-effective and most of all it is waterproof. Similar to natural stone, the porcelain tile has a solid, rich and textured feeling. With ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can easily create a floor you want because there are many available design, color and shapes. You can even have it custom-made to your liking. However, the best attribute of a ceramic tile, is its glossy top that is easy to clean and its can resist massive amount of water.

Normally, tile is slippery but you can choose one with texture to resolve this problem. Another downside of using porcelain or ceramic is its coldness. Stepping on a freezing ceramic tile during winter is torment but it can be easily resolve by using radiant or heated tile.


In using vinyl flooring for your bathroom you have an option to use vinyl sheet, tile or plank. So far, vinyl flooring is the most popular material for bathroom flooring among homeowners. As experienced, the vinyl sheet flooring is the best choice for the floor that huge quantity of water is expected like laundry room or kid’s bathroom. Poorly laid flooring with gaps is a total killer for bathroom floor and since sheet vinyl has zero gaps especially for small bathrooms it is a perfect material for bathroom flooring.

Natural Stone

Natural stones like granite, marble, limestone and others don’t have a problem with moisture and water. However, natural stone is not on the top of the list of the homeowners because in the first place it is cold and slippery. But the real downside of the natural stone is its price. Natural stone flooring is so expensive that it is not practical to use just in the bathroom.

The bathroom floor is the most water affected of any space in your home. A horribly bad choice for bathroom flooring can cause costly damage to your home. Always remember that your bathroom needs not only a beautiful floor but also a tough floor.