The Phatt Weight Loss Program 3 Step System Explained

Published on 25 June 2014

The Phatt Weight Loss Program is not a miracle that guarantees 100% success. In Phatt Weight Loss Program, there is no magical food or potion that would magical melts your excess body fat. To reduce your weight and to achieve your desired body you need to follow the easy 3 step system along with the self-discipline and determination. Here’s the quick and clear explanation of what is the 3 Step System of the Phatt program:

Step 1: The first three days (Day 1 – Day 3)

The first three days of the program is very crucial to achieving your goal. This is the phase where your blood sugar will start to normalize, no more roller coaster ride for your blood sugar. This first three days of the program you will get your appetite in control and your fat starts to burn. You will start to intake nutritional support and your body will turn into the fat burning body rather than a fat storage body. The first day will be difficult but on the second day the blood sugar level of your body will start to stabilize, your body will start to convert the stored fats into energy and you start to overcome the food cravings.

Step 2: Fat loss and detoxing phase (27 – 37 Days)

At this stage your body you will no longer crave food that you normally eat, as a result, your body will burn the fat efficiently, your blood sugar stable as well as well as your hormones. During this stage taking nutritional support is important for your body and hormonal balance. Without food craving and the increased fat burning, you have greater energy and mental clarity.

This step is more focus on weight loss and detoxing, but it also emphasizes the importance of good digestion, healing the gut and removing the inflammation of the body. This stage improves the function of the liver, metabolism, and improves the bowel function. The step 2 of Phatt Program is more than just healing and detoxing, it is also the healing stage hence the mono-eating. You will limit your food intake to one protein and one vegetable. During this stage, it is important to adhere to 500 calories limit.

This stage normally lasts for twenty-seven (27) days which you will lose about 22 to 33 lbs. You may extend the step 2 up to 37 days for increased weight loss.

Step 3: Maintenance phase (21 Days)

This step normally lasts for 21 days. This step is designed to maintain your current weight and to keep your hormones in check, especially the insulin which is responsible taking in fat in cells. This stage is designed to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to lose more weight you simply have to repeat the cycle from Step 1 to Step 3.