Healthy Spine, Healthy Body

Published on 25 June 2014

The spine serves as the pillar of our body. It runs from base of our skull down to our pelvis. The main function of the spine or the spinal column is to protect our spinal cord and to support our body weight. Our spine is composed of series of bones that are stacked like blocks with discs in between each block to help absorb the load or shock. Our spine is responsible for our body movements, supports our head and protects our spinal cords which control every function of every cell in our body.

Our spine performs crucial function in our body. Thus, it is important that we should take a good care of it. Having a healthy spine, teamed with a healthy nervous system, is very important in maintaining our entire body’s health. A problem in your spine may cause discomfort and ailment that can affect your entire body.

So, how can we take good care of our spine?

  1. Eat healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods is not just essential to your spine but to your entire body. Consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat and legumes, and avoid processed foods.

  1. Regular exercise

Make exercise your lifestyle. Exercise is crucial in maintaining a healthy spine. Regular exercise can also help in the rehabilitation of an injured spine. You don’t have to go to gym to get your spine healthy. A simple exercise routine that focuses on stretching and strengthening the back, abdominal muscles and hamstrings will suffice. Just remember to not overdo with lifting when you are exercising.

  1. Visit a chiropractor

A Fremantle chiropractor can help you diagnosing and treating different spinal disorder that often cause nerve pain or musculoskeletal pain. Just like other types of doctors, a chiropractor also performs physical and neurological exams in order to make an accurate diagnosis. A Fremantle chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to bring the musculoskeletal structure especially the spine into its proper alignment. A well-aligned musculoskeletal structure enables the body to heal itself even without the aid of drugs or surgery.